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Harps Are Back For The New Season

It's been a great start to the season with a fantastic turnout for our first taster session! Despite the heat (which we promise will die down) everyone put on a fantastic performance and had lots of fun. Big shout out to the coaches who stayed on point and also took part. Thank you also to the hosts of the pizza and games night that was another huge success! It was great to see so many new faces enjoying themselves at our first social event. Plenty more to come this season and of course the next important date for the diary is the second taster session which takes place on Wednesday 5th September 5pm-7pm, again at the GUST University pitch. It will be cooler however make sure you still bring plenty of water. It's useful to freeze one overnight as this will defrost in the heat allowing you to have a nice supply of cold drinking water.

Best of luck to those of you starting teaching this week. See you all Wednesday!

Emily Fair

Public Relations Officer

Kuwait Harps GAA Club

When asked about how he felt the training session had gone, Coach Paul made his feelings clear. 

Updates from the Board

Player Reps (Jack Appleby and Nancy Campbell): Thank you all so much for attending our taster session! It was brilliant to see such a good turnout. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday - please bring your friends along too! We just want to reiterate that if you have any concerns or issues that you can speak to us.

Youth Officer (Shannon O'Leary): This year we are really looking to get more children involved in the sport so if anyone is interested in running a Gaelic club at school please get in touch. I can help you with setting it up, basic lesson ideas and at some point this year we will be running a tournament.

Coach Trish: Firstly, welcome back to oldies and welcome to the newbies who have made the best decision of your Kuwait journey to join Kuwait Harps GAA.

Gaelic isn't for the faint hearted but the fact that you've decided to come to Kuwait shows you aren't afraid of a challenge and change. That's what you will experience at Gaelic but alongside friends who will support you, encourage you, inspire you and congratulate you. We are your family away from home.

There are three things I encourage you to do:

1) Turn up (each and every week. It's fun and you are getting fit and healthy).

2) Give it your all. There are plenty around you to coach you, and even more will congratulate you for your fight and drive.

3) Practice outside of training (hand-pass with friends at home or against a wall, toe-tap in your apartment, solo in your building car park, or whatever aspect you need to improve). You can also come a bit early to training and practice before the warm up.

Being Irish and all, one more tip for luck...

4) Have fun!!! Our Irish sport and culture is all about the craic. Train hard, play harder and have the craic hardest. So set the bar at training and the craic will be mighty!!!

I look forward to a season to remember for all of my days!

And finally...

Hazel's fact of the week:

Did you know - a hippopotamus can run up to 30km/h!

Andy's joke of the week:

How do you make an octopus laugh?

You give it ten tickles.

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