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                                         The Kuwait Harps is a Gaelic Football club now in its second spell having                                                 been originally founded in 1997 and reformed in 2011.  The ladies' football                                             team was established for the first time in 2013. This season we are                                                       undergoing a period of growth.  Club membership is at an all time high,                                                 with two ladies' and a men's team.


Gaelic Football is a field sport with Irish heritage that combines the skill  

of traditional football (soccer) with elements of basketball, volleyball and

Australian football. Originating in Ireland, Gaelic football has quickly gained

in popularity in the last few years with competitions now held throughout

the globe.  Ladies Gaelic Football, in particular, is recognised as one of the

fastest growing female sports in Europe.


                                   The Kuwait Harps are affiliated with the Middle East County Board

                                   and participate in the Middle East Gaelic Football League. Tournaments 

                                   attended by the Kuwait Harps include the Bahrain Irish Festival, the Dubai Duty                                     Free Gaelic Games, and tournaments in Oman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and                                        Qatar. The Kuwait Harps have held several titles throughout the years and won                                    in many divisions such as the Asian Gaelic Games, Men's Intermediate                                                    Championships and Ladies' Intermediate Division, just to name a few.

We are a club focused on providing superb training and skills in the field of                                            Gaelic football. In conjunction to this, the Kuwait Harps is a social outlet for

expats new to Kuwait with social events, tournaments, training sessions

and outings running through the year. New players are always welcome

and immediately feel at home within the club. The majority of our players

come from all over the world, and for a lot of new Harps, this season was

their first time kicking a football. The majority of our current squads

were actually new to Gaelic Games when they first arrived in Kuwait and

have been welcomed with open arms. 

                                              While many clubs in the Gulf region can depend on a strong pool of Irish                                                players, this is not the case  in Kuwait. While a core of the club may be                                                  Irish, it relies heavily on the  support of players from the international                                                expat community. There are currently over 60 players in the club, with                                                over 12 countries represented. Included on our player panel are several                                                local Kuwaiti  players as well as players from Ireland, Scotland,                                                              England, Wales, Spain, Egypt, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, Sudan                                                  and Somalia. The wide  diversity of player nationalities demonstrates                                                   the global appeal of this game in Kuwait, something that we as a club                                                    are very proud of. 

The Kuwait Harps GAA club holds weekly training sessions for both men and

women on Tuesdays and Fridays and competes primarily in tournaments based

in the Gulf Region. Our season runs from September through May and we are

always welcome to new players! Stop by one of our training sessions or send

us a message for more info! 

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